savannah squares: pattern study

made in the 216: art show

here are a few pics from my group show in november 08. the first few are of my work; the last few are some my favorites from the show. many thanks to danielle at room service and all the other artists/designers!

made1 made5 made4 made3 my yellow shoes red i 2 minno pantone mugs poseys

a golden summer

yellow seems to be all around me these days. i’ve documented a few different shades and settings of this cheery color.

running in the rain

summers are rainy in the south. and there’s nothing like a good summer rainstorm. i brought nat along for the run- she had a great time rompin’ in the rain. here are a few goodies i picked up along the way.

anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.

pensacola landmark series

this past week when i was home in pensacola, i decided to pay homage to my favorite hometown by taking pics of local landmarks. many of these places aren’t statues or museums. they are actually just places that bring locals together. and they each hold a very special place in my heart.

i plan on designing many more. but here’s the first batch. all you pcola locals..enjoy.

april flowers and showers

i love running in the rain. drivers look at me and think, “oh that poor girl. she’s going to get absolutely soaked.” well actually, the act was completely voluntary.

during the middle of my run, i spotted some fresh honeysuckle. so i decided to pick some. after holding only the sprig of honeysuckle and my house key in my hand, i decided why not pick more flowers? savannah has plenty to go around. so i did. i don’t think the residents of ardsley park minded too much. i made sure to pick the loneliest snippet off of each bush.

and here’s what i ended up with..

soundtracks to my work

these tunes are most inspirational, for some reason. juno makes me smile, across the univ makes me remember, amos makes me think, and ccr just makes me wanna dance.
juno.jpg across-the-u.jpg amos.jpg ccr.jpg


make a dreamcatcher. boil an egg. smell some peach roses. dig a hole..a big one. stare at the moon. fly a paper airplane. search for a whole sand dollar. build a fort out of lincoln logs..or tinker toys! read the dictionary (start somewhere in the middle perhaps). count your pennies. peel an apple. give yourself a new name. bake some cookies. jump into a mud puddle. look for gold. chase a frog. skip stones. laugh for no reason. open the phone book. run and don’t stop. collect a few acorns. go dancing. imagine you’re in another country. give someone a complement. see how fast you can eat a spoonful of peanut butter. double-knot your laces.


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