February 11, 2009

Just the other day, I had the idea to create a color blog called huesdays. I wanted to be able to document my photos by their individual palettes. If you scroll over each shot, you will see a few lines describing my take on the palette.

Click on the pic to browse the tapestry of hues.




January 15, 2009

I recently came across these fresh designs from Round Robin Press and Dwell Studio while parusing various blogs. Here’s hope for an early spring!

Round Robin

1 2

Dwell Studio


a new year

January 5, 2009

here’s to a lovely 2009! click HERE to purchase.

09 cal

from my sketchbook

November 5, 2008

my space

August 11, 2008

my move to lakewood has brought about many new things, one being a spare bedroom-turned-studio space. now that i have everything set up and ready to go, i plan on sprucing up the etsy shop very soon. keep ya posted!

I’m moving north!

building my book

March 5, 2008

each day i come home and bury myself in watercolor paper, a blue corner rounder, and an 8×6 accordion book covered in a lovely blue and cream patchwork fabric (aka my book). here are some process pics.

some of the band
img_6027.jpg img_6024.jpg

the finished product
img_6029.jpg img_6036.jpg