come fly with me golden my favorite spot pensacola pines whispies beach chairs perdido key three pairs of two sunday in the south three porch rockers brother and sister’s spot beaufort wall simon’s shore st. john’s cathedral corner of whitaker tybee oats peace arch one year after katrina broken glass only in new york blues on 42nd street an empire flying north san francisco lights lost and found cable cars malibu prints one way to shine shoes espresso yourself scattered yellow roses carolina marsh


2 Responses to “snapshots”

  1. lani spann Says:

    hey claire, these photos are unbelieveable. they are so beautiful. so glad to here that you are doing so well. hope to see you soon. lani

  2. Sr. Kierstin Says:

    Hi, Claire! I saw your Mom today and she told me about your website. I have loved looking through it. You are SOOO creative! I’m going to send the URL to my sister. She is very artistic and loves working in collages. I think she’ll love your sight.

    I’m so glad you’re doing so great…heard you graduate in a week! Congratulations!! Enjoy your trip with your Mom!

    God Bless,
    Sr. Kierstin

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